Brian Patterson’s Team = Lobbyists + Returnees from Patrick Brown’s Executive + Opportunists

Brian Patterson wants to be Ontario PC Party president and control the entire party executive.  

You might remember Brian. He served as one of the top employees of our party until he was let go in 2015 - a period that saw us lose four elections in a row.  

CLICK HERE to read a media report about Brian’s time as the party’s top employee.

Or CLICK HERE to read all about Brian’s “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” philosophy on how PC Party headquarters should be run and when staff should be doing favours for certain people over others.  

The self-proclaimed "jack of all trades" has regularly bullied and used clandestine efforts to suppress democracy in our PC party in the past.  

In January 2018, he led our party into a “deepening crisis” when he tried, and fortunately failed, in subverting the democratic process by having the PC leadership election cancelled – on the same day that Doug Ford announced he was running for PC leader.

CLICK HERE to read the media report on the entire fiasco.  

Or watch it right here:

Brian will do anything to be back in charge of our Ontario PC Party.  

So, he’s cut a back room deal and put together a slate of candidates, 21 of them in total, one for each position on the executive.  

Brian’s slate includes at least one opportunist, as well as:  

  • lobbyists: one registered to lobby on behalf of a wind turbine developer that owns the largest “feed-in-tariff” contract in Ontario, and another registered to lobby on behalf of three marijuana companies; and

  • returnees from Patrick Brown’s executive: each who either voted in favour, or remained silent, when the executive spent over a million dollars of donor money on lawyers tasked with covering up corrupt nominations and attempting to sue party members.  

Despite their track record, Brian’s slate has the gall to fancy themselves as being “for the members.”  

They are anything but.  

Brian’s slate is FOR THE INSIDERS.  

After all that our Ontario PC Party has been through, we won’t be fooled with empty rhetoric and slogans, yet again.  

The subversion of democracy in our Ontario PC Party must end.  

Now is not the time to go backwards.  

Instead, we must ensure that our next Ontario PC Party executive is governed with Integrity, Accountability, Stability, and Strength.  

We must ensure we Keep On Moving Forward as an Ontario PC Party.  

Please helps us STOP BRIAN'S SLATE.