Jim’s speech at the 2018 PC Party convention

Jim speaks to Steve Paikin of TVO, on the result at the PC convention election for party president.

Jim announces he’s running for PC Party president.

Why I am running for PC President - September, 2018

I am running to be your next Ontario PC Party President.

It is time to bring integrity and accountability into the governance of our Ontario PC Party.  And I am the best person for the job.

During the darkest period of our party's history, I led two campaigns to Axe the Carbon Tax and Take Back Our PC Party. These campaigns focused on bringing integrity and accountability into the governance of our Ontario PC Party.

The lesson learned from the prior leadership of our party is that we need a higher standard of integrity.

One such example was the fabricated allegations against me that were dismissed in court on the basis that the prior leadership of our party were attempting to limit the democratic process.

Ontario PC Party delegates will be electing a new PC President at the party's upcoming General Meeting scheduled to take place from November 16th to 18th, at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Our party needs a change of culture and a commitment to ensuring that the illegitimate practices of the past do not return.

That is why I am running.

Over the next two years, we must work hard to provide our Premier Doug Ford, his cabinet, and our PC caucus, with a strong, stable, well functioning party. A party of integrity. A party that is accountable to its grassroots members.  

We must ensure that we abide by our PC Party constitution and respect our party members and their donations.

Over the last week, I have attended PC delegate selection meetings and presented my vision:

  1. Putting an end to cash memberships;

  2. Ensuring that never again will any PC member be denied the right to vote (in a leadership race or nomination race) because they were not provided with the option of a paper ballot; 

  3. Ensuring that there is no substitution to an in-person policy convention;

  4. Providing a minimum of 45 days' notice for all future PC candidate nomination meetings; and

  5. Ensuring that (in accordance with our party constitution) all future PC candidates will be selected through nomination meetings that are "open, public, and democratic," with uniform application of the rules, and without any other method to select a candidate permitted, including by appointment.

I have been humbled and motivated by the overwhelming support I have received from PC members, PC delegates, and the leaders of local PC riding associations.

From now until the November convention, I will continue to share my vision with party members and delegates across Ontario.

Now is the time to to send a strong message - our Ontario PC Party members demand and deserve a higher standard of integrity. 

As your next Ontario PC President, that is what I will deliver.