BELINDA KARAHALIOS & PC Nomination in Cambridge - 2017 to 2018

For over a year, Jim and other PC members in Cambridge were battling the PC Party executive from proceeding with a nomination process that was breaking all the rules. At one point, the local Cambridge PC riding association threatened to file an injunction against the PC party if they did not stop a nomination that was called without notice. That nomination was called without notice and against the rules in order to give the upper hand to an Alberta resident to be parachuted into the riding despite the fact that she did not live in Ontario and was thus ineligible to run in the 2018 Ontario election.
After the 2018 PC leadership race, where the themes of the Axe the Carbon Tax and Take Back Our PC Party campaigns dominated, Belinda Karahalios (Jim’s wife) decided to run for the PC nomination in their home riding of Cambridge.
With only 2.5 weeks to campaign, and facing two candidates who had been campaigning for 2 years and had signed up over 1000 memberships, Belinda sensed that PC members wanted a candidate who was on the right side of history.
She was right. She won the nomination on a pledge to Take Back Cambridge and Axe the Carbon Tax. Belinda went on to win the seat in the 2018 general election and become the PC MPP in Cambridge. She won the riding for the PC Party with the most votes of any PC candidate in the region.