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A look back at the history of the fight against the carbon tax and political corruption in Ontario. What made the Ontario PC Party turn against the carbon tax in just a few months?


Jim is married to Belinda Karahalios, the PC MPP for the riding of Cambridge. Together they have a son Victor Constantine.

He is the founder of AxeTheCarbonTax.ca and TakeBackOurPCParty.com, two campaigns that shaped the narrative of the 2018 PC leadership and general election campaigns and changed the national narrative on carbon taxes.

Jim faced significant retribution for his campaigns:

In November of 2017, with the TakeBackOurPCParty.com campaign gaining traction, then PC leader Patrick Brown (who was an outspoken advocate in favour of a carbon tax and was leading the corrupt governance of the Ontario PC Party) ordered the Ontario PC Party executive to revoke Jim's membership in the party. 

Later that week, Jim was barred from entering Brown's pro-carbon tax convention (even though Jim offered to pay $1,000 and enter as a "non-member observer").

As if that wasn't enough, the party also sued Jim and both of his campaigns - the first time in Canadian history a political party has sued a private citizen. After 6 grueling weeks in court, Jim won when the lawsuit was dismissed as an attempt to limit Jim's ability to participate in the political process on matters of public interest (SLAPP - strategic litigation against public participation).

The PC Party's spokesperson, Jeff Silverstein, explained the lawsuit by the PC Party against Jim in an article by QP Briefing in June of 2018:

"In 2017, when Patrick Brown was leader of the PC Party, the Superior Court threw out a legal case launched by the PC Party against Jim Karahalios, an outspoken critic of Patrick Brown and head of the 'Axe the Carbon Tax' and 'Take Back Our PC Party' campaigns ... The legal case that was filed was another misguided attempt by Patrick Brown to stifle dissent on party issues that are matters of public interest, and the court agreed, ruling it was a SLAPP – a 'strategic lawsuit against public participation.' The legislation put in place to deter SLAPP suits entitled Karahalios to 100% of his legal fees to be paid by the PC Party."

But that didn't stop others from trying to silence Jim and his campaigns. In January of 2018, Jim was refused a paid AxeTheCarbonTax.ca booth at the annual conference put on by the Manning Centre for Building Democracy.

With Brown resigning as PC leader in disgrace, Jim's lawsuit was settled and he received a public apology from interim leader and now Ontario's Minister of Finance, MPP Vic Fedeli.

The day after the 2018 PC leadership vote, Jim's membership was immediately reinstated in the Ontario PC Party. 

After the PC Party won a majority government in 2018, the government’s first priority was to scrap the “cap-and-trade” carbon tax.

In November of 2018, Jim ran for president of the Ontario PC Party. Despite winning the support of the majority of legitimate votes cast at convention, Jim was not announced as the winner. As a result of significant voter fraud that took place in the election, hundreds of extra ballots were cast. The final result saw 1345 ballots cast, in an election with 1179 eligible voters of which less than 1000 turned out to vote. Jim supposedly “lost” by 57 votes.